Zoom binoculars

There are substantial problems, relating to the synchronization of magnification, collimation in general and field of view, associated with this category of binoculars.  In spite of this they have always been popular, since people are fascinated by the idea of fixing on an object with low magnification and then gradually zooming in to maximum power to see fine detail. A discussion of these problems, as well as a review of the best models available worth considering (pocket zoom, normal size zoom and giant zoom binoculars), can be found at the “Zoom binoculars”.
This webpage also includes a review of a few binoculars in which the manufacturers replaced the idea of zoom with eyepieces with more than one magnification. The viewer simply sets the magnification for each eyepiece (e.g. 8x, 11x or 16x) and enjoys the luxury of more than one magnification in one instrument! This is an excellent solution to the problems associated with the zoom technology.

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