Vortex 8×42 binoculars: Overview

The following 8×42 Vortex binoculars will be reviewed and compared:

Vortex Crossfire 8×42    
Diamondback 8×42    
Fury 8×42    
Viper 8×42    
Razor 8×42    

The ultimate warranty in binoculars: The Vortex (Sheltered Wings) warranty:

All Vortex binoculars are covered by the same warranty, which has no parallel in the world of binoculars.

It is summarized as follows:

Unlimited, unconditional lifetime warranty
Fully transferable
No warranty card to fill out.
No receipt needed to hang on to.
If you have a problem, no matter the cost, Vortex assures to take care of you.

Now isn’t that a warranty any buyer would like to get along with any product he buys!

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