The PRISM DESIGN of the binocular

One choice you cannot avoid is the one between the two basic types of binocular design: The Porro or roof prism design. All binoculars are either porro or roof prism and they look quite different as well. The porro prism design is the traditional, bulky design with the eyepieces (where your eyes come) and the big objective lenses in the front are not in the same line; in the case of the roof prism design the eyepieces and objective lenses are in line, so these are sleek and more compact than the porros (could even fit into your pocket), weighing less as well. 
If you do not intend spending that much, the porro design is always the better option. You have a better chance of getting a reasonable quality porro design binoculars without spending that much, than a quality roof design binoculars for the same price.
If size and weight are indeed important to you, you have to go for a roof prism binoculars, but will also have to pay more. Most pocket binoculars are of the roof prism type, although a special format of the porro design, the so-called “reverse porro”, is small enough to pass as a pocket binocular as well. (For more information, please visit

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