Steiner Predator 8×42

Steiner 8×42 Predator Binocular

The Steiner Predator series covers a wide variety of binoculars, ranging from the small pocket size Steiner 8×22 and 10×26 Predator Pro  to the 8×56 and 10×56 Predator C5 binoculars. The most versatile of them all is the 8×42 Predator, which will be reviewed now.
All of the Predators have one distinguishing feature in common: The green objective lenses – and that goes for the 8×42 Predator as well. These are called “green penetrator lenses with “CAT” coating – Steiner’s exclusive proprietary coating system, the  “Color Adjusted Transmission (CAT)” lens coating. This coating blocks the colors of haze (blue) and foliage (green) and increases the transmission of brown, red, and other game colors and enhances contrast. Consequently, hidden game can be spotted more easily in the thickest foliage with this “game sensing” lens coating – a huge advantage in particular in low light conditions.

Eye relief: The Steiner 8×42 Predator has an unequalled 23 mm. eye relief, making them suitable for all wearers of eyeglasses.
Close focus: The 8×42 also boasts an exceptional close focus ability of 1.68 m./5.5 ft.
Field of view (FOV): Its FOV is also above average: 7 degrees angular, 367.5 ft at 1000 yards linear.
Weight: At 709 gm./24 oz. it is slightly above par, but still not heavy.
The wrap-around eyecups block distracting sidelight. The eyecups are constructed of soft rubber.
The rugged forest green rubber construction provides both water and shock resistance to withstand rain, moisture, and jarring. Along with the binoculars, you receive a case, a neoprene strap, and attached objective lens caps.
Steiner backs its 8×42 Predator binoculars with a 30-year warranty – Need I say more??

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