Steiner 8×42 Peregrine Binocular

With their new Peregrine series Steiner issued 8×42, 10×42 and 8.5×50 models, of which the Steiner Peregrine 8×42 (model 348) is the most versatile and will now be reviewed.

When a binocular is honored with Field & Stream’s 2006 Best of the Best  and Outside Magazine’s Gear of the Year  awards, you have to pay attention. It’s not like there’s no competition – on the contrary! There’s a number of reasons why this brilliant binocular from Steiner has been rated so highly.  The Steiner 8×42 Peregrine excels in a number of areas, viz. optics, weatherproofing, focus speed, close focus and ruggedness. 

For their top-of-the-range 8×42 binoculars, the Peregrine 8×42, Steiner used a new dielectric prism coating, by which over 40 layers of titanium oxide and other rare minerals are alternately applied to the glass surfaces. This Broad-Band Coating (BBC) (HD)(exclusive to Steiner) results in superior light transmission performance over a broad range of colors. The result is vibrant, true color, superb brightness and bright contrast and the precision to catch fast-moving birds and wildlife, as well as animals and birds hidden in foliage or shadows (even in the darkness of night – according to Steiner!). The optics are also phase corrected for sharpest possible, distortion-free images. Outside magazine (in their “Gear of the Year” ratings) said that the Peregrine “is breathtakingly sharp” and that anything they were pointed at, even in low light … “

According to Steiner the Peregrine models offer the highest measured broad band transmission of any birding binocular (on average) with light transmission over 95% throughout the entire visible color spectrum. This means you see colors more vibrantly and you can discover and identify species in more difficult settings and situations.
Steiner uses their “rapid close-focus system” in the Peregrine. The precise central focus wheel will go from a close focus of less than 6 feet out to infinity in just one full turn. Any less – the focus would be to sensitive and not precise enough. Any more – the focus could be too slow. The focus of the Peregrine was designed to give you this perfect balance of speed and precision.
Steiner is renowned  for pioneering the use of rubber armoring in binoculars and the Peregrine 8×42 is no exception. Its rugged, UV- resistant armored body is impervious to dust, moisture. The Peregrine’s dark-green, light absorbing matte exterior finish blends in with natural surroundings, providing an advantage when glassing for easily spooked species.
Recently Steiner used their newly developed dry nitrogen purging and pressurization system that absolutely prevents binoculars from fogging internally in the Peregrine. According to Steiner they are the only birding glass that they know of that  meets and exceeds the US governments waterproof (and shockproof) specification (Mil Std 810 E).(5 meters submersion)
Eye relief: Way above average at 20 mm., suitable for all wearers of eyeglasses.
Comfortable fold-down eye cups, contoured to seal out side light.
Close focus: The Peregrine 8×42 close focus ability is exceptional: As close as 1.8 m. / 5.9 ft.
Field of view (FOV): Above average 7 degrees angular, 367.5 ft. at 1000 yards.
Weight and dimensions: It weighs 709 gm./24 oz. and has the following dimensions: 9.5 x 7.5 x 6 inches.
Warranty: 30 years! Now is that trust or what!
Customer reviews: In customers reviews appreciation for crystal clearness, light gathering ability in low light situations and color integrity are repeatedly appreciated. 

Included: They include a super comfort-padded carry strap, rain guard, attached and removable objective caps and a deluxe case.
Diopter: Unlike other makes, Steiner binoculars have their diopters in the left eyepiece.

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