Pentax 8×42 DCF HRc Binocular

The Pentax 62553 8×42 DCF HRc is currently (Feb. 2011) trading at $249.00 at Amazon, which represents a discount of 55% (listing price: $549.42), which I regard as an insult to this very fine instrument. But who’s complaining if you can pick up such a bargain?!

The Pentax 62553 8×42 DCF HRc is indeed an excellent binocular. It is marketed as “full-size binocular in a smaller package” – not really a pocket binocular in the true sense of the word, but very compact indeed with the following dimensions: Length & Width: 5.8 x 5.2″ (148 x 133mm), Height: 2.0″ (52mm) * Weight – 22.2 oz. (630g). The reason for this light weight is the fact that it has a  fiber reinforced polycarbonate body.

Some other positive features:
Its diopter works with click stops, which is very handy to ensure that your settings will not be lost.
Eye relief: A very generous eye relief of 21mm., which is hard to equal. But this won’t be of any use if the user wearing eyeglasses cannot benefit from it due to lack of adjustment. Some excellent binoculars only have two settings, which is not good enough, but the  Pentax 62553 8×42 DCF HRc  has helicoid eyepieces with 4 click stops, making setting adjustment for all wearers of eyeglasses possible.
Lens Construction: For the objective lenses Pentax has used  4 elements, organized in 3 groups; For the Eyepiece Lenses – 4 elements in  3 groups are used.  (“A simple lens consists of a single optical element. A compound lens is an array of simple lenses (elements) with a common axis; the use of multiple elements allows more optical aberrations to be corrected than is possible with a single element.”) (Wiki).
Optical coatings: The lens coatings are fully multi-coated, which is standard for binoculars of good quality.  For maximum reflection of light through the prisms and brighter images the sub-prism is silver-deposited, which is considerably better than the aluminum used in many binoculars; the roof-prism is phase coated, which is necessary (and quite standard) for all roof prism binoculars.
The Field of view of 7.5 degrees angular / 393 ft at 1000 yards linear is way above par and makes finding an object and following a moving object very easy.
Close focus of 2.5 m./8.2 ft. is good, but not exceptional.
Water- and fogproof is standard as well.
Durability: The fiber reinforced polycarbonate body makes it very tough, in spite of being lightweight. In addition it is also protected by a fully rubber housing.
The Pentax 8×42 DCF HRc binoculars come complete with a carrying case, neckstrap, objective lens covers and rainguard (eye relief covers).

Please note: At×42-binoculars-150/ the Pentax 62553 8×42 DCF HRc is compared to other binoculars in the same price range.

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