Overview: Special niche binoculars

By “special niche binoculars” is meant categories of binoculars which have distinguishing features meant to give the viewer an advantage under specific circumstances.  Some people want binoculars for a marine environment, others for low light conditions etc.

The special categories which will be discussed, are the following:

Binoculars best suited for safari and other outdoor activities         

Best low light binoculars         

Best marine binoculars             

Image stabilizing binoculars             

Best wide angle binoculars            

Binoculars best suited for wearers of eyeglasses               

Binoculars with super close focus abilities                   

Compact binoculars particularly suited for traveling: An entire website, http://www.pocketbinoculars.net, has been dedicated to pocket binoculars. All aspects are covered there, as well as reviews on a wide variety of binoculars from different price ranges.            

Auto-focus binoculars

Best zoom binoculars            

Binoculars with digital cameras           

Best cheap binoculars

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