Overview: Night vision devices

Night vision devices have to be distinguished from “low light binoculars”. “Low light binoculars” are ordinary binoculars with exceptional light gathering ability (wide objective lenses, big exit pupil, excellent optics). They come into their own in dim conditions, like at dawn or dusk, inside a dark forest or overcast conditions. However, they are useless when it’s dark. This is where night vision devices take over. They amplify the little light that is available (like from stars) electronically and enhance the images further by means of infrared illumination. With these devices, which could be either a binocular or a monocular, one can see clearly when there is not enough light available to see with or without an ordinary binocular – like in the middle of the night. For a discussion of these devices, please go to “How to buy night vision devices”. A review of a variety of models is included as well.

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