Overview: Giant binoculars

By consensus “giant binoculars” are those binoculars with objective lenses in excess of 56 mm. They actually start at 63 mm. and these are regarded as the “mini giants”, so this gives you a clear picture of the size of these guys: They are big and heavy, so handling them requires a different approach than handling normal size binoculars.
In a series of articles the pros and cons of this category of binoculars are discussed, in particular as compared to normal size binoculars (“Mini giant binoculars vs normal size binoculars”), to telescopes (“Giant binoculars vs telescopes”) and to spotting scopes(“ Giant binoculars vs spotting scopes” (still under construction). An article dedicated to the most popular giant binocular, the Celestron Skymaster 15×70, has also been included.

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