MINOX BV II 62028 8×42 BR

In April 2010 the MINOX BV II 62028 8×42 BR Full Size Binocular  was released, replacing the old Minox BV 8×42 BR. This new Minox BV is truly a special pair of binoculars and one of the best in terms of quality-price ratios. It has everything one can expect of an affordable quality binocular and is backed by a 30 years warranty.
First and foremost, state-of-the-art optical system, which includes high quality optical glass for as good as possible light transmission, as well as fully multi-coated lenses that minimize reflection and reflective coated phase-corrected roof prisms, ensuring sharp and bright images with good contrast, excellent detail and excellent color fidelity.
It is also completely weatherproof (waterproof and nitrogen purged for fogproof, as well as protected from dust penetration and corrosion), reliably withstanding moisture penetration up to a pressure of 0.3 bar or a comparable water depth of three meters. These features are non-negotiable in particular for viewers exposed to sharp fluctuations of temperature, which inevitably leads to fogging up of optical surfaces on the inside of the binocular when the fogproofing has not been done properly. Excellent!
The ruggedness of the MINOX BV II 8×42 BR is evident from the fact that it is made from durable aircraft aluminum and covered with NBR Black Rubber Armoring to protect it from minor bumps and facilitate slip-free grip. The quality of the construction is re-assuring and guarantees reliable functioning of the optical systems and precision mechanics.
By the way, the attractive outer shape of the new BV binoculars is the work of VW-Design. This cooperation of Minox and the Volkswagen designers has already been recognised many times with prestigious awards for the design of binoculars and spotting scopes.
An above average eye relief of 18 mm. with twist-up eye cups (with very convenient click stops) accommodates wearers of eyeglasses, making sure that they can enjoy the entire field of view without vignetting  with  sharpness right to the edges.
The older Minox BV 8×42 BR has always been very popular among hunters and nature loving people and the new MINOX BV II 62028 8×42 BR will continue that tradition. These binoculars are ideal for the price conscious outdoor enthusiast – whether travelling, being involved in sport, watching an event, hunting or looking at nature of every kind.

For me two features of this beautiful binocular stands out and beats the competition hands-down: Its size (dimensions) and close focus ability. It will never pass as a pocket binocular, but, even though it is a full size binocular, it is as compact as an 8×42 can possibly get. Its slim design is helped by the use of modern roof prisms. It is only 140 mm./5.51 inches long, 127 mm./5.0 inches wide and 51 mm./2.0 inches high. This makes it ideal for people traveling a lot, but who do not prefer a true pocket binocular.
Its close focus ability is astonishing indeed: It can put an object in perfect focus as close as 1.2 m./4.9 ft.!
As far as I know, no other full size binocular can achieve this and only a few pocket binoculars can do better. The closest to this (among the 8×42’s) is the Vortex (Sheltered Wings) Diamond Back, which manages 1.5 m./4.92 ft. This exceptional feature makes it ideal for studying small creatures like butterflies.
Unfortunately the MINOX BV II 62028 8×42 BR falls in the same price range as the very popular Nikon 7294 Monarch ATB, but as far as I am concerned, it is quite capable of matching up successfully. (Review on the Nikon 7294 Monarch ATB).
Included extras: It is delivered with a Neoprene strap, case and rain guard.

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