Mini giant binoculars vs normal size binoculars

Mini giant binoculars” are the 9×63 binoculars – the next step above the 8×56 ones.
In “Best giant binoculars 1: “Mini giants” ” the following questions are addressed:
1.  Why do you want a giant binocular in any case?
2.  Why should you prefer a mini giant in stead of one of the 8×56’s?
3.  And why choose a mini giant and not one from the next group, the first of the real giants, the ones with apertures of 70 mm.?

The pros and cons of giant binoculars (as compared to normal size binoculars) are discussed, focusing on matters like light gathering ability of the objective lenses, exit pupil, field of view and size and weight.
In the end a variety of carefully selected mini giant binoculars is reviewed.

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