Leupold Rogue 8×42

The Leupold Rogue 8×42 Porro is the only porro prism design of the six Leupolds which are reviewed. In my book this is an advantage, since in its price range the optics of porro prism designed binoculars will be better than their roof prism competitors. So, if you have to choose between the Rogue and the Acadia 8×42 (a roof prism design), the Rogue will be a good choice, even though the optics of the Acadia should be equal to that of the Rogue (being $40 more expensive) – and save $40 on the deal! Unless, of course, you prefer a roof prism binocular and are willing to pay more for the sleek, compact design.

Please note: At http://www.binocularsreviewed.net/budget-8×42-binoculars/ the Rogue 8×42 is compared to other binoculars in the same price range.

Leupold 8x42 $140 - $260

MODEL Leupold Rogue 8x42 Leupold Acadia 8x42 Leupold Cascades 8x42
ANGULAR FOV 6.7 7 6.5
LINEAR FOV: ft/1000 YARDS 341.25 367.5 341.25
EYE RELIEF MM. 16.5 19 18
CLOSE FOCUS 8 m/26.25 ft 2.5 m/8.20 ft 3 m/9.84 ft
PRISMS BaK-4/porro BaK-4/roof BaK-4/roof
OPTICAL COATINGS fully multi-coated fully multi-coated, phase corrected fully multi-coated, phase corrected
WEIGHT 666 gm/23.49 oz 645 gm/22.75 oz 650 gm/22.93 oz
WATERPROOF yes yes yes
FOGPROOF yes yes yes
GUARANTEE limited lifetime limited lifetime limited lifetime

From this table, however, it is clear that the Acadia outperforms the Rogue in a number of fields: FOV: 7 degrees angular/ 367.5 ft at 100 yards linear; eye relief 19 mm. and  close focus: 2.5 m./8.20 ft. The Rogue can only manage a close focus distance of 8 m./26.25 ft.   The Acadia is also lighter than the Rogue, weighing only 645 gm/22.75 oz. It has to be said that the 666 gm/23.49 oz of the Rogue is not bad at all, since porro binoculars are heavier than roof prism binoculars by design.

Please note: At http://www.binocularsreviewed.net/8×42-binoculars-150/ the Acadia 8×42 is compared to a host of binoculars in the same price range.

The Leupold Cascades 8×42 is slightly outperformed by the Acadia 8×42 in terms of FOV, close focus ability and  eye relief and is also marginally heavier than the Acadia. However, the $70 you have to pay more for the Cascades all goes into the optics. Both the Cascades and the Acadia are fully multi-coated and the roof prisms phase-corrected, but this does not say how many coats have been put on.

Please note: At  http://www.binocularsreviewed.net/8×42-binoculars-250/  the Cascades 8×42 is compared to other binoculars in the same price range.

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