Leupold Pinnacles 8×42

Please note that the Leupold Pinnacles Binoculars are unavailable at the moment. Please visit Leupold Mojave Binoculars for a complete review of the latest releases in this series by Leupold.

The Leupold Pinnacles 8×42 Roof Prism Binocular is the top-of-the-range in the 8×42 series from Leupold. The main difference between the Pinnacles and the Mojave 8×42 and Olympic 8×42 lies in the optics. All three the models have fully multi-coated lenses and phase-corrected prisms, but the reflectivity of the prisms differs: In the case of the Mojave and Olympic layers of aluminum are used, whereas more expensive silver is used in the case of the Pinnacles. It is a known fact that silver is one step up from aluminum, so the images will be better than in the case of the cheaper models.

Unfortunately Leupold has not used dielectric coatings on the prisms, which would have improved the reflectivity even more, but which are very expensive and used in high-end binoculars (and the new mid-price Nikon  7294 Monarch ATB, giving it the edge over its competitors).
Still, the Pinnacles 8×42 is a fine instrument in the true Leupold quality tradition and will not disappoint the viewer. It has excellent brightness, contrast and color fidelity.

The close focus ability of the Pinnacles is very good (2m./6.56 ft) and better than the Mojave and Olympic; in fact, I could find only one binocular in the same price range, the Steiner 8×42 Predator, which could focus closer.

Leupold 8x42 $300 - $430

MODEL Leupold Olympic 8x42 Leupold Mojave 8x42 Leupold Pinnacles 8x42
ANGULAR FOV 6.2 6.5 6.5
LINEAR FOV: ft/1000 YARDS 325.5 341.25 341.25
EYE RELIEF MM. 18 18 17.8
CLOSE FOCUS 2.3 m/7.55 ft 3.9 m/12.8 ft 2m/6.56 ft
PRISMS BaK-4/roof BaK-4/roof BaK-4/roof
OPTICAL COATINGS fully multi-coated, phase correctedmulti-coated fully multi-coated, phase corrected fully multi-coated, phase corrected
WEIGHT 619 gm/21.83 oz 652 gm/23 oz 652 gm/22.05 oz
WATERPROOF yes yes yes
FOGPROOF yes yes yes
GUARANTEE limited lifetime limited lifetime limited lifetime

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