Image stabilizing binoculars

Using an ordinary binocular with moderate magnification from a moving vehicle is very difficult; using a powerful one is not only virtually impossible, it’s very strenuous to your eyes as well. In addition to recreational users, many professionals – like army officers, helicopter pilots, road police and fishery inspectors – have no choice but to use binoculars from unstable platforms from time to time. They need some help to get a clear image of what they’re looking for – not one blurred by vibrations from an unstable platform.
Enter image stabilizing binoculars! With these binoculars the image is stabilized even though the base or platform from which the binocular is used is unstable, like a moving boat, a helicopter or a truck. The different technologies used to stabilize the image is discussed in “Image stabilizing binoculars”, including a review of the different models available in those technologies. A separate webpage is dedicated to “Canon image stabilized binoculars”, since they have dominated the market for a long time.

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