How much are you willing to PAY for the binocular?

The first thing most people will be looking at is the price tag. Even people with no restrictions in this regard, will limit themselves as to the amount they’re willing to pay for a pair of binoculars. The amount you’re willing to pay will narrow the options down considerably. Once your maximum has been set, you can start comparing models. In the case of binoculars price and quality go hand in hand: It is simply more expensive to make a better binocular than an average one. If you do intend using your binoculars for many hours per day (like on a safari trip), you will have to be willing to pay much more. One problem with less expensive binoculars is that eye fatigue eventually sets in after a while, which never happens with expensive ones. On the bright side, nowadays many binoculars can actually compete with the top-end German binoculars in terms of quality, but at considerably lower prices.

In any case, if you’re not willing to pay more than $100-00 for a pair of binoculars, I suggest you read my article on best cheap binoculars.

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