Close focus binoculars

Many people have a fine interest in small creatures – like bugs and butterflies. For them a binocular has to be able to focus on an object really close by. The closest many binoculars can focus is 4 meters; some can focus as close as two meters, which is exceptionally good, but super close focus binoculars can manage as close as 1 meter (3.3 feet)!

The ultimate super close focus binocular is the Pentax Papilio. A revolutionary technology applied by Pentax enables this binocular to focus as close as 18 inches (46 cm.)! In “Super close focus binoculars” binoculars are categorized according to their close focus ability and in “Pentax papilio binoculars” a separate article is dedicated to this little miracle of the world of close focus binoculars.

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