Binoculars with digital camera

Certain people simply dream of capturing a distant object they can see through their binoculars and it has been made possible with a special category of binoculars: Binoculars with a built in digital camera. So you have a two-in-one: You can use it as a binocular, but you can also use it as a camera: It enables you to take a picture/video of what you are looking at through the binocular. Without having to take both the binocular and the camera, you take only one instrument, your “binocam”, on your trip into the mountains, or to a sports occasion. However, the problem is that the ones available on the market take fairly low resolution pictures (5 MP at best) as compared to cameras. However, they do fill a specific need and are worth considering. For a detailed discussion of this category of binoculars, including a review of models available, please visit “Binoculars with digital camera”.

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