Best low light binoculars

A number of people look for binoculars which will perform better in low light conditions, like before dawn or at dusk, or in a forest. These could be people loving to hike in forests, where the light is always below par, or hunters, who need a pair of binoculars which will give them the edge when looking for deer very early in the morning. We’ve just been to the Kruger National Park, South Africa and, believe me, a low light pair of binoculars opens a new world to you if wild animals are your scene!
First and foremost one has to state that low light binoculars are not night vision devices, which make use of infrared illuminators and light amplifiers to make night vision possible; no, low light binoculars are ordinary binoculars, but their ability to cope with low light conditions have been enhanced.
Three features contribute towards enhancing a binocular’s ability to perform better in low light conditions: The objective lens diameter, the diameter of the exit pupil and finally the quality of the optical surfaces (lenses and prisms) and the coatings on these surfaces.
These matters are discussed extensively in “Best low light binoculars” and a selection of binoculars from different price ranges are reviewed.

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