8×42 Binoculars: $600+

The three binoculars in the 8×42 Binoculars: $600+ price range (capped at $1000.00) I have selected  are all of exceptional quality and will ensure hours of pleasant viewing without any eye fatigue. Due to the fact that the objective lens diameter and the magnification are the same, some other features are the same as well: In all the cases the exit pupil is 5.25,  twilight factor 18.33, and Relative brightness index 27.56. All three of these binoculars are also fully water- and fogproof (nitrogen purged).

This is my selection:
1.  Eschenbach Regatta 8 x 42B
2.  Steiner 8×42 Peregrine Binocular
3.  Alpen 8×42 Rainier

The following table does show some differences which may tip the scale towards a particular model, depending on what the buyer is looking for:

$601 - $999 8x42 binoculars

MODEL Eschenbach regatta® 8x42 B Steiner 8x42 Peregrine Alpen Optics Rainier 8x42
ANGULAR FOV 6.45 7 7.5
LINEAR FOV 338.63 367.5 393.75
EYE RELIEF: MM. ? 20 18
CLOSE FOCUS 2.5m/8.20 ft 1.8 m/5.9 ft 2.2m/7.22 ft
WEIGHT 714 gm/24.14 oz 709 gm/24 oz 910 gm/30.77 oz
GUARANTEE 10 30 lifetime

It is clear that the  Steiner 8×42 Peregrine Binocular has the edge over the other two in certain areas: It has the longest eye relief (20 mm.) (which is excellent for people wearing eyeglasses) and has the best close focus ability as well. It also carries a 30 years guarantee. The Alpen 8×42 Rainier has the widest FOV, has a lifetime warrantee, but it is considerably heavier than the other two.  

The following quotes from the manufacturers have to do with the crucial element of optical coatings:

Steiner 8×42 Peregrine Binocular: “This new level of brightness and natural color balance is achieved by use of a new dielectric prism coating, by which over 40 layers of titanium oxide and other rare minerals are alternately applied to the glass surfaces. This Broad-Band Coating (BBC) results in superior light transmission performance over a broad range of colors. The optics are also phase corrected for sharpest possible, distortion-free images. The optics of the Peregrine measure higher in light transmission across the entire visible light range, on average, than all closest performance competitors.”

You can read some customers’ reviews RIGHT HERE.

complete review of the Steiner 8×42 Peregrine has been done elsewhere on this website.

Alpen 8×42 Rainier: “All optical components receive Alpen exclusive UBX multi-layer coating for maximum light transmission. The extra large BaK-4 prisms of binoculars are coated with Alpen’s SHR metallic and PXA phase coatings to deliver the best in brightness, clarity and color fidelity.”

Eschenbach Regatta® 8 x 42B: “Individual – Award Winning Design – Different! – the Regatta® 8 x 42B is the perfect combination of design and functionality. Whether sailing the ocean, observing far and wide landscapes, or participating in any outdoor activity, the Regatta boasts a range of outstanding features for any situation. Some of its many features include: optimum color fidelity and light transmission with ‘naturebright’ coating and phase corrected prisms.”

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